About backlinks

Hi all,

I'm starting a discussion here because I'm reaching the limits of my use of backlinks and I would like to know how you use them on your side.

What I find great about the backlinks system (which I use with this plugin. Thanks to @ylc395 ) is the management of content related to a contact. When I take notes of meetings (e.g.) I create a link to the people present (each one having its note). So, when I look for the trace of a discussion about this person, I go on the note with his name and I see all the corresponding backlinks. It's very convenient and fits my way of working. The problem is that after a year and a half I have a LOT of backlinks for some people and it's not easy to sort out/filter.

Do you have similar situations that make backlinks essential in your daily life but limited in their uses in some way?