Why 'auto detect system theme' is off by default?

At first use, I thought there was no such option (auto detect system theme),
because my Windows 10 system theme is dark, but Joplin starts in light theme.

IMHO, since we have such option, it would be better to set it on by default, for first-time Joplin users (those who favors dark themes)
So I'm curious if there is a reason that lead to set it off by default? :eyes:


themeAutoDetect: {
	value: false, 
	type: SettingItemType.Bool,
	section: 'appearance',
	appTypes: [AppType.Mobile, AppType.Desktop],
	public: true,
	label: () => _('Automatically switch theme to match system theme'),
	storage: SettingStorage.File,
	isGlobal: true,

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