Why are my sidebar colors messed up?

Version: 1.0.179
OS: Linux, Manjaro, XFCE

See what the sidebar looks like:

The sidebar background is not the same color for some reason. This happens no matter which theme I choose under preferences. This also happens if I compile the application or if I use the appimage.

That’s intended, each subnotebook has a different background color depending on its level.

I guess it could be disabled using a custom css

Most likely it can indeed be disabled using chrome.css

Oh, it’s supposed to be that way?! Oof. The older versions didn’t change color with nesting in the sidebar, it was all one color.

This looks really bad in my opinion. I’m very surprised it was an actual design decision. Well, I’ll see if I can take a look into the CSS files later to fix it.

The reason was to be able to better differentiate between the notebook levels. IMO this was a great decision.

But maybe there are others who’d like them to be in the same color as well. You can post your css to the Share your CSS topic.

The reason was to be able to better differentiate between the notebook levels.

It’s already indented which is how you differentiate, changing the color makes it harder to follow wtf is happening. It’s overall messy and looks atrocious.

Look at this image which is on the official site:

That is the way it should look, all one background color. The above looks nice, clean, and professional… what they have now is an absolute eye-sore; it honestly gives me a headache to look at it for too long.

Thanks for all the input, but I had a cursory look and I can’t even tell how to find what elements or classes I would need to change so yeah, I’m looking for something to replace it now. Boost Note looks pretty good to me.

I think this is a matter of opinion. The only thing you have to do is create a userchrome.css file in the profile dir and add the following:

.list-item-container {
	background-color: unset !important;

Have fun with BoostNote.

Most users like the change, and chrome.css is there for the few who don’t.

You don’t know that most users like it; I’ve put up with it for a long time before deciding to fix it. Although, I thought it was a bug or a problem with a theme, I didn’t actually realize it was a design decision, lmao. It is objectively awful design… show me any other software that has made that design choice with a nested structure. I’ll tell you what, do this in the Android app, and I guarantee you see an influx of people start complaining about it.

And your provided CSS doesn’t work… neither did setting that class to transparent or none, so… hey, if you tell me the correct css to throw in there and it works I’ll keep using it. But so far I can’t find it.

Yes, it does. I've tested it.

I said it has to go in userchrome.css

Ahh… that’s exactly where I put it. I even showed you the video of me doing it. You can see when I go to Tools > Options > Appearance and click the Edit button for “Custom stylesheet for Joplin-wide app styles” that notepadqq opens with it in there. It is editing ~/.config/joplin-desktop/userchrome.css

Works for me as well.

Don’t forget you have to quit and restart Joplin for it to use the revised css.

This what I see:

discourse seems to have issues with certain mp4 and animated gifs

Oh, well, maybe a link will work, here.

And to the other person, I did restart it after editing it. Are you guys on Windows or Linux? Not sure why it would work for you but not for me.

Did you really restart it or just close the main window? Go to the Joplin icon in the systen icon, click on it and select Exit.

I have used this css on both Win10 and Linux (Mint).

EDIT: Removed a comment that repeated @tessus advice as he sneaked a reply in as I was typing!

Yes, I am positive, here is proof:

I exited the application 3 different ways. See video.

It looks like you have three back ticks after the comment on line 1 so the class is read as

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And yes, I see when I copied the CSS it did that I didn’t even notice it. Fuck. You guys are very patient, thanks. I really appreciate you guys helping me out here. Looks great now.