Web deployment - How I do it

Hi, I want to share the way I quickly deploy my Joplin Database to my personnal website for my personnal use. Maybe some people could use this technique.

So the idea is to be able to access all my notes anywhere in a view only fashion. I wanted a quick and easy way to do it since i'm quite the noob in this domain.

Here is how I do it, :

  1. I Export all my folders with the "MD - Markdown" option
  2. I use the awesome Mkdocs to instantly generate a website based on my folder structure, it only takes 2-3 line commands (just create a new Mkdocs project and move all the MD folders inside, the "_ressource" folder must be in the same folder than them so that the images are not broken)
  3. I Check the generated website locally then use the build command to build it, I copy the generated file to my personnal website and... done.

I must admit the result is quite gorgeous. There is also an instant search bar included which is the main way for me to access my notes.

Ps: I use the "material" Mkdocs theme with dark mode option

PPs: For some reason some Mardown formatting doesn't display correctly if there is only one line break after a title, followed by a list or an image . To correct this, after exporting from Joplin I use the BBedit app with multiple-file-edit to instantly add another line break after any line break (Search->Multifile-Search -> find "\n" and replace with "\n\n") in all my files at once, this takes only 10sec.

Hope this can help !


I created a cli tool, but the purpose is to generate the files needed by the blog

I am interested in knowing more & how Mkdocs work!
Can we arrange for a quick chat?


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