Use toc and scroll bar

When I use toc, the table of contents opens when I move the mouse to the right edge of the window.
Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to move the scroll bar with the mouse.

Is there way to hide the toc popup?

Are you using a plugin of some description? As far as I know [[toc]] only causes it to appear within the rendered output at the top of the note.

I think it is the standard behavier.
The issue occurs in the viewmode.
When you insert TOC in the editor, it gets [TOC-move your cursor to the right edge] viewmode.
There you are not able to reach the vertical scroll bar.

Can you share what you are actually seeing?
I just get this, the scrollbar is accessible.

Same in view only mode:

Here you can the viewmode. If you move the cursor to right edge the "Table of Contents Window" pops up.

Yes, im using plugins but Outline is the only one which is affecting toc, i think. Could these window be an Outline feature? I havent found anything on the plugins github page.

I think it might be? Or part of your theme if you are using something custom? What you are seeing doesn't seem to have any relation to what I see in vanilla Joplin.

With outline installed:

I have found the cause in my userstyle.css an commented it out.
Now it works fine. Thanks.

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