Use page title or H1 when sharing URL to Joplin on Android (and I assume iOS)

I’d like to see the page title or the H1 on the page used as the note title when I share a URL to Joplin.

I normally do this from chrome, but I don’t that matters.

Today you just get URL in both title and body and it lacks a lot in helping me remember why I wanted to save that URL…

If someone wants to point out where to get started on this, I can give it a go and submit a PR.


Normally you should get the page title as note title. Do you have an example of page where this doesn’t work?

Edit: You mean from the Web Clipper or from sharing in mobile?

Sharing from chrome to Joplin. I only see the URL in both title and body.

The mobile sharing functionality is quite limited at this time, this is because of the way android share works, currently if you share from chrome (mobile) all Joplin receives is the url. It is possible to get the name of the sharing page, but it would require the Joplin app to download the page, so the functionality is a long way off.

Can you point me to the cide where the note is created? I’ll have a look. I’ve done a little react-native, but mostly I work in python.


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Sure thing! The share side of things is first caught in root.js . You can also look in note.js to see how the note side of things works.

I met a behavior where sometimes there is no title at all, not because of Joplin, but ofthe website
I met that with Jong Toolkit

I have the same problem when I want to share an article from browser or a RSS reader app. Probably the Android has some type of API for handling this kind of share.

When I share a page from Chrome app or gReader pro, the GMail or SimpleNote app handles the title and the link well.
But when I share from the SimpleNote app to Joplin, everything is fine - probably the Android has (least) two kind of share mode.

I can handle it, that I share first to the SimpleNote app, and I after I share from SimpleNote to Joplin - but it could be fine, that I can share url directly to the Joplin app :slight_smile: