Troubles with .webarchive files on iOS

iPadOS 13.6: Joplin version: 10.0.52
MacOS 10.14.6: Joplin 1.0.233 (prod, darwin)
For the sync storage I use: OneDrive

Bug description: I am attaching .webarchive files (Safari format of one file web archive) to Joplin note. When I am trying to open it, it wont automatically open in Safari. In fact if you try to safe it as a file to local storage, you will see that in some reason file extension is always truncated to .webarchi. If you add missing letters file open correctly in Safari. I have only noticed this for .webarchive extension, for example .mhtml is retrieved correctly and automatically opens in Chromium browsers (on MacOS). I suppose it doesn’t work for Safari because of this bug with extension.

The problem was identified and tested on both, afore mentioned, operation systems.

Fixed in

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Hi @laurent

Even though you have fixed this somewhere in September, I still encounter this problem on iPad OS with same extension reduction. Why is so? Have we deployed changes from this fix?

Is that for files that are newly imported? What app version?

No, I was trying with old files that were noted before I have identified the issue. For iPad OS it's 10.3.1 (the most recent one).

Yes unfortunately old files would still be affected because they've been imported with their file extension truncated. But newly imported files should work fine.