Synchronization and triggers

I’ve begun scripting some automation for my notes using the API. This is the kind of hackability I’ve wanting out of a note keeping application. There are a couple of triggers which would be nice to have around synchronization.

  1. When I change a note via the API, the note doesn’t immediately update in the desktop application until synchronization. It would be useful to have an API endpoint which allows for triggering synchronization via a script. Would it be possible to add an API endpoint to trigger synchronization?

  2. Some of the automation I’m adding needs to be run periodically to keep notes updated. Right now I’m running these scripts on cron. That’s fine, but it would be nice to trigger these scripts to run each time synchronization is happens. That way when I run synchronization from the desktop application (ctrl+s) the scripts could be triggered to run and make the updates they need to.

Either feature would be helpful. Both together would solve my automation synchronization issues. Are these features implemented? Are they something that Joplin could potentially be extended to achieve?

I would also like to have these features implemented. I keep the cli running in the background but manual synchronization or cron is not ideal.

A sync endpoint should be easy to implement, but we have to wait for Laurent’s input, whether he’s ok with such an endpoint.

At one point we discussed something like hooks. But we are really busy right now with reviewing and merging a lot of PRs. There are still a few bugs to fix before we can start adding new features.