Sync Disabled but App Is Still Syncing

I disabled syncing to be able to fix some issues. I’m deleted notebooks and I’m still getting a sync status on the bottom left saying “Created Remote Items x” with the cancel button. Is this syncing? Why is it still syncing?

You can’t disable sync, other than by switching off the network connection on your device. But even then, whatever actions you have done will eventually be synced so it’s not really possible to fix something, and deleted items cannot currently be recovered. If you still have the data you need on a desktop device, I’d suggest you export it to JEX and start over.

What’s the point of disabling the sync interval then? But yeah I made sure to make a backup beforehand and I eventually fixed it. Hope it stays this way. If not, I’ll make another post.

Thank you!

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Wondering the same thing. I was testing out importing a large number of notes from EN, and wanted to temporarily disable sync so that the changes wouldn't sync to cloud, so I changed
Synchronization Interval to Disabled but Joplin continued to sync after that change.