Suggestion: Documentation for Table of Contents

Hi, just a suggestion to add the ToC feature and it’s usage to some documentation somewhere. As it is, there is the ToC plug-in in the setting, but to find out what it is and how it is used one has to scour the forum (which is just putting [[TOC]] somewhere in the note as far as I understood it, optionally with the custom CSS modification to make it floating).



There is a page on the Joplin site. Admittedly it took me a while to find it again and I knew it was there!

The TOC is listed under “Plugins”.

Indeed it is there, somehow it eluded me. In that case, sorry for the post and thanks!

but it misses some features like $<toc{“level”:[1,2]}>
to specify what level you want to have in your TOC (h1 & h2 in this case)


Just a little sidenote for those who copy/paste this line: Watch out for those quotes. It took some time for me to find out why this useful feature didn't work for me :wink:

I did actually read the TOC plugin page but it didn't give me a clue on how to use the 'level' modifier.

Hi @cyr06
Maybe I misunderstood the feature your point out but this does not show a different behaviour between [TOC] and $<toc{“level”:[1,2]}> with more than 2 levels

Could you explain how is working?