Sorting Notes by FULL number (Alphabetical)

When creating notes for School lectures, I often name them starting with the lecture number to easily sort and find them choronologically (Not always created chronologically).

I have run into an issue with doing so. When I pass 9 , the sorting goes to putting 10 after to 1 , instead of sorting by the full number:

What happens :

9 - A Something
8 - B Something
7 - C Something
6 - D Something
5 - E Something
4 - F Something
3 - G Something
2 - H Something
1 - I Something
10 - J Something

What I wish would Happen:

10 - A Something
9 - B Something
8 - C Something
7 - D Something
6 - E Something
5 - F Something
4 - G Something
3 - H Something
2 - I Something
1 - J Something

This would likely also occur when the number is later in the title:

Lecture 1 - Something A
Lecture 2 - Something B
Lecture 3 - Something C

I am unfamiliar with typescript and javascript, So I dont know if id be able to fix this myself. But it seems like a relatively easy Regex/Sorting problem. Maybe a great first issue!

(Github Issue #3905)

I may be missing something here but doesn't adding a leading zero to the single digit numbers achieve what you want?

Yes, that would solve the problem. But wouldnt it be better if you didnt have to?

It's something I do quite often. I don't find it an inconvenience.