Show position of pdf pagebreakes

I work with *** to create page breaks and am looking for a solution to see the position of these page breaks already in Jolin.
At the moment I insert the first page break, then export to pdf, look where the second page break has to be, insert it in Joplin and export again.

Is there a better solution here?

Well, you cannot "see" the page breaks as the renderer does not support it at the moment but instead you can insert a valid page break (see below) for PDF and be sure that the page break is there when you will export it in PDF

<div style="page-break-after: always;"></div>

Yes, i use this snippet in userstyle.css

@media print {
    hr {
		page-break-after: always;

But i want to know where to place the pagebreak to make the best use of the page because i don`t want to have to much white spaces between.