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Rocketbook integration

I have posted a request to Rocketbook to add the ability to preformat for Joplin. Here’s the request:

If anyone here uses Rocketbook, please consider upvoting. If anyone has worked on something like an IFTTT integration to grab Rocketbook output from Dropbox, Drive, or elsewhere, and reformat it for Joplin, please let me know! I’ve searched forums here, generally, and at Rocketbook, but nobody seems to have set up this integration yet.


What format is rocket book in? This app can be set to watch a directory which will upload all notes (images and markdown I think) into Joplin.

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Images are PDF, JPG, or GIF. When OCR’d by Rocketbook, they can be two separate files or combined into a DOCX with an embedded JPG or as two files: a PDF and a second file (txt or docx, I’m not certain)

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I think if you set up rocketbook to just output the image the @kellerjustin s app will take care of the OCR and upload it into Joplin. Although I can imagine that rocketbook might have a better OCR engine, so having the importer grab a pdf or something is probably better.

His app is on github so you could probably update it to handle the pdf/text pair. Should be fairly simple to get exactly what you want.

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