Replace built-in PDF renderer with a library

Greetings, Joplin Community! Sajen Sarvajith is my name. I am a second-year computer science student at Anna University in India. I've worked with the JS/TS, HTML/CSS, Python, React, and Docusaurus frameworks in the past. I took part in Google Season of Docs 2021 as part of the wechaty community and redesigned and implemented their complete site using React/TS from the ground up. I've also worked with backend frameworks, and I currently manage and maintain the wechay org website. I, too, am a member of the Wechaty community. I'd like to become a full-time contributor to Joplin as well.

I am interested in working on "Replace built-in PDF renderer with a library"

I am working on the issue #6167, I would like to know that should I add other unit tests apart from the given one mentioned in contributor guidelines?


@roman_r_m have we thought of any 3rd party library to achieve this task?

pdf.js for instance. Though you're free to propose any other lib.