Readme downloads badge for plugins

So, currently we store plugin downloads in this file. But I wanted to show the downloads of my plugin as a readme badge. I created a badge and you can see it in my plugins readme.

I did this by creating a serverless function deployed on vercel that calculates the downloads for my plugin and then I used dynamic shield generator by to create the badge.

You can see the source code of the serverless function here -> GitHub - nishantwrp/joplin-plugin-downloads: A serverless function that calculates the downloads of my joplin plugin - Templates.. It's deployed on Currently, it's configured to calculate downloads for my plugin only. But I can generalize it for every plugin.

So, wanted to know if other plugin developers would be interested in adding readme download badges for their plugins.


This is great. Nice solution. I wanted to add the number of downloads to the Plugins List, but the table is already too narrow. I've been using the following to get the stats for all plugins:

curl -s |jq '[. |to_entries[] | {"key": .key, "value": [.value[].downloadCount] |add}] | from_entries' | column -t |tr -d ',' |grep -v '{' |grep -v '}' |sort -k2 -rn |tr -d '"' |tr -d ':'

Although I would still have to map it to the plugin names.

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Hi, I've updated the api to be generalised.


  • GET - Gets the download and release details for all joplin plugins.
  • GET<plugin_id> - Gets the download and release details for a specific plugin.