Problem in yarn install

Node version - v17.6.0
Gitbash terminal
Windows 10 operating system

I am trying to run "yarn install" command in root directory path:" D:\joplin>". but my terminal is stuck as shown in image. It is not processing further every time I run "yarn install" command.

Please paste the entire output in a fenced code block (surround in ```) rather than an image.

Depending on the specs of your machine some bits can take forever and just looks as though it has stalled.

Also on Windows sometimes npm and maybe yarn too get stuck forever downloading something. In that case, just restarting the computer can help.

about after 1 hour, it proceed further. I was not able to copy the entire output and the output was exceeding the limit so I have attached text file.
build.log (24.3 KB)
output.txt (553.0 KB)

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