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Pre-release 1.2 is available for testing

+1 for this idea, I might move the tags icon to the left side of the tag set, but I think this is a nice solution.

Hmm, I don't know why, but that doesn't bug me. I think because I just drag the folder into the correct spot, so even if it starts at a top level, it can move anywhere. I suppose the button could be a dropdown, but it feels like that is making it pretty complicated. Maybe a + button could appear to the right of each folder as you hover?

I totally agree at this point... it should be easier/faster to add tags to a note.
How about assigning #tags directly when entering the note title?

So if you create a new note, you could enter something like: "My Note title #tag #anothertag".
When pressing "enter" or "tab" key the "#<tag>" strings will be removed from note title and converted to real tags.

I think this could really improve the creation of notes with tags.


In my dream world, anywhere I enter #tag would get added as a tag, that way i could #tag #things #inline as I thought of them. :slight_smile: I realize this might be weird with removing tags, but in that case it seems like an option (Delete from text or remove #).

I agree this is how it works, but it would be great if clicking "All Notes" when it is already selected would jump to the top. It's nice to see the note in context, but I have so many notes that it can take a while to scroll to the top.


That could be an idea for a plugin. I see that when I type # in Discourse, a list popup where I can pick the category. If the plugin API could allow creating something like this, we could add interesting functionalities easily.


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We can certainly hook into codemirror to support this sort of behavior. I know it's been suggested before to follow notion and have / trigger a similar popup that would open a selection of markdown elements.

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Since when did the font size in Codemirror editor changes when you add the "#" for headings? Is it a 1.2.4. thing? (Couldn't find in the changelogs)

I've been setting this in my userchrome.css for months and hadn't realized till now that it is a native thing lol
I clean installed at my work and hadn't copied my .css file yet and i noticed this.

It's been available for as long as codemirror has been available! Im not sure what version that was, but even the pre-release had it.

Well that's nice!

I haven't seen since all updates on the regular version OR when i downloaded the pre-release, i copied my .css together, so i haven't noticed. That's a nice feature.

I finally had some time to look at the new layout. It looks great. I only have 2 issues:

  • I can't turn off the note count (since this counting algorithm is - as I mentioned numerous times before - extremely misleading, I rather be able to turn it off)
  • I really miss the toggle buttons for the sidebar and the note list (I use them quite often)

While I can live with item number 2, the fact that I see wrong* note counts without being able to turn them off makes me really unhappy.

* I've explained this many, many times,. The only valid note count algorithm is the one used by Thunderbird. Otherwise the number is always missing one type of information and you actually have to manually count the number of notes in a folder. This cannot be the raison d'être of a count algorithm.


Not sure why the ability to turn off the count was lost in the refactoring, I’ll take a look.

Have you checked the Thunderbird count PR on GitHub? Does it work like you expect? If it does I think we could merge since the dev seems to have found an easy way to add this.

Hmm, actually this is working for me. What happens when you turn the setting on and off? Is there any error in the console?

Toggles on/off correctly for me on both Windows 10 and Linux Mint 20.

I haven't yet, but will do that tomorrow. I'm currently heading out for a Thanksgiving dinner.

I've searched the preferences sections for at least 15 minutes, just to make sure that I haven't missed it. It works when I change the setting in the database directly, but I couldn't do it in the app. I can't find the setting.

Somehow it was added to the View menu, but perhaps we should indeed move it to the settings since it's probably not a common action to switch note count on and off.

And happy thanksgiving! Didn't know you had this in Canada too!

Ah, stupid me. It's in the View menu. Ok, all good then. :wink: And it works of course.

As long as I know that, I don't really care. I just was so set to find it in the settings page. I'm ok with leaving it or moving it back to settings.

And happy thanksgiving

Thanks. Yes, Canada and some Caribbean islands celebrate Thanksgiving too. Although I don't think it's to the same extent has in the US. But we get a day off, so I'm off on Monday.

Hi, looks like in the refactor, the icons no longer have a consistent class. Is that some thing that can be added back? Ex: Share your CSS Not a huge deal if not, it looks like they all still have a class, just not a common one.

The icon might be named fa-something, or icon-something, but it’s indeed not consistent. However I think you could check if it’s an <i> tag to be sure?

Hmm, not sure why but it doesn't seem to have the <i> tag anymore, but looking again, it seems like [class^="icon-"], [class*=" icon-"] captures them.