Possible to add attributes?

I'm looking to possibly use Joplin for frequent off-the-top-of-my-head notes and I was wondering if it supported the concept of 'attributes'... similar to tags, but key:value, so a note might have, for example, mood:-2 as an attribute, whereas another note might have mood:+1. This could probably be faked with tags but that seems inefficient...


What would be the objective? Sorting notes based on these attributes?

Essentially, yes. I'd want to use the api to generate statistics and see patterns in the data.

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You can add some formatted content to the notes, and then use the api to get the markdown text and parse it to get the metadata

note 1

# note 1
mood: -2

note 2

# note 2
mood: -2

In addition, if you feel that handwriting is troublesome each time, you can consider using text fragments as the form of snippet. Currently joplin does not support this function. There is a GSoc project in progress, but it has not yet been completed. Refer to: <https:// Template Plugin>. Currently I recommend using a feature-rich external editor to accomplish this.


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