Plugin: Wavedrom

Introducing Wavedrom

The Wavedrom plugin allows you to create Wavedrom diagrams using the syntax defined by


Automatic Installation

Search for "wavedrom" in the Joplin plugin manager.

Manual Installation

  1. Download the latest release from GitHub
  2. Open Joplin > Options > Plugins > Install from File
  3. Select the jpl file downloaded from GitHub

Markdown Syntax


Please report issues on GitHub.


Thanks for this interesting plugin, but here is what I get after manual installation (Joplin 2.11.11, Linux)

Sorry about that, I copied the post from my previous plugin and missed updating the name in a few places. The manual install link should work now. Looks like the Joplin plugin manager hasn't picked it up yet so automatic install isn't working just yet.

Working well with automatic install now.