Plugin: Share note online via HackMD

@xardbaiz I tried reinstalling and still, it does not appear

Excitement news !
API v2 Client - soon


First off, fabulous plugin! I work in academia so it's super useful to be able to send notes off to people quickly and easily! :purple_heart:

Just had a few questions:

  • Is it possible to set the note author to me?
    • It's a bit annoying that the note permissions are set to everyone and can't be changed since I'm not the author...
    • Also means I can't delete a note or, since note updating isn't implemented yet, can't update it remotely if I make a mistake...
  • Any updates on the other features mentioned?
    • No pressure since I realise you probably have other stuff going on
    • Just wondered if you had any updates about them, especially about updating an existing note

Again, massive thanks for making the plugin, as well as any answers you can give :grin::grin:


Hello everyone

@Imperial_Squid thanks for interesting and detailed feedback
You were right about my lack of time. I recently changed my job, so I don't have much free time now

All feature requests might be in the plugin which uses API v2 Client only (including: notes update, author, tags)
Cause the current(legacy) API is weak, not many settings there and almost no settings to change default access control (ACL). Let me check the ACL in new API and I will come back with answers

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Thanks for your reply!

No worries about the time thing, I realised that something had probably come up, no rush! I was actually considering learning typescript just to implement them myself but as you say, looks like you need to migrate to the new API and it looked a little daunting personally :joy::sweat_smile:

I do know for sure that the new API lets you define permissions when you upload a note and also has a method for updating notes!

Just as a thought in advance: if you can set the permissions it's probably a good idea to let the user change the defaults in the settings. I would suggest a few things but I don't want to overwhelm you and it's your plugin besides! :grin:

Thanks again for the super useful creation :blush::blush:

Hello. No response when I click share button. I tried using two hack accounts, but neither worked. Do you know why? Thanks you