Plugin: Many enhancement for my daily usage [v1.2.0][2023-03-30]

Before testing using developer tools -> console. Based on, I read about a problem with Table colorize plugin when the new opt-in editor Beta is enabled..
That you can read at Desktop pre-release v3.0 is now available (Updated 22/03/2024) - #3 by HaSTe
I've made some testing after disabling editor Beta option :

  1. With both plugin, Table colorize plugin + enhance plugin = some tables are colorized while others only stay colored for the first 2 seconds.
  2. Enable only Table colorize plugin = works on all tables without any issues.
  3. Enable only Enhance plugin = No color showing in any table.

Attached, you can find the output of the developer tool console when testing the point 3.
I'm not sure if this is sufficient to identify the error. Thank you.

Log Enhance plugin.txt (119.7 KB)