Plugin: Keep Cursor Synced between editor and md viewer

Is there any way to make the highlighting more legible in dark themes?

I regularly switch between light and dark themes so I need visibility in both conditions. I tried using a darker color for the highlighting which worked, but when I switched to a light theme the text became less legible there.

Edit: I'm also noticing reliability issues with the plugin itself at times.

It doesn't always highlight the selected section correctly:

Double clicking also doesn't jump to the correct section a lot of the times.

Haven't been able to identify the cause though and restarting Joplin seems to fix it.

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I will try to fix this in next realease. And add a configuration to dark mode


@shbach Hi, I just update this plugin to 2.0.1. It's a totally rewrite so there would be no more bug like incorrect highlight.

As for dark mode, I add an extra class name for highlighted line so you can set its appearence by userstyle.css. Check the doc for details.


And thanks to this rewrite, some advanced feature are possible, such as sync selection. But that would be a little complicated, so it will take time


Looks good, thanks so much! :slight_smile:

This plugin is one of my "essentials", but maybe I have found an issue. I am on version 2.0.4 of the plugin, WIndows Joplin version 2.7.14.

When a note consists of a pdf, it shows nothing in edit mode, which is to be expected, and it shows a preview now in display mode, which is good.

However, if I select a different note that also consists of a pdf (or maybe that just includes a pdf), while in display mode, it locks Joplin up so I have to kill it via Task Manager.

If I switch to edit mode before selecting a different note, and then toggle back to display mode, it works fine.