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Todos are excellent for meticulous planning, where I already know a day/hour/minute until this has to be done.
But I often need a more flexible solution, when it comes to due_date. Could be that sth. is due this quarter, this week or on a particular day. Todos cannot reflect this, can they? So my workaround are the notes with the due_"timeframe" in the title. Maybe others have the same problem?



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Hi Jack,
I have some questions (Joplin 2.0.2 portable and Note overview 1.4.3)

1st: Will be posible to sort by tags?

2nd: When i try to do a search with due:day plus or minus a i obtain strange results.
These are some examples ( i´m not sure if it´s a date format (spanish so dd/mm/yyyy) But i change to yyyy/mm/dd and i obtain the same)

<!-- note-overview-plugin
search: due:day+7 iscompleted:0
fields: todo_due, title
sort: todo_due ASC
Note count: 22

This search must show notes with due dates between today and 7 days after and if today is 3 of june 2021, i obtain due dates as these (remember day/moth/year): 18/06/2021 22/06/2021 20/08/2021 03/10/2021 21/10/2021 17/02/2022 01/09/2025
I don´t understand becouse seams the get all the due dates after today

Show the same results than this one ( if today is 3/June/2021)

<!-- note-overview-plugin
search: due:20210603
fields: title,  todo_due
sort: todo_due DESC
Note count: 24 ( This include 2 alert more than day+7 3/6/21 and 5/6/21 )
<!-- note-overview-plugin
search: -due:day+7 iscompleted:0
fields: todo_due, title
sort: todo_due ASC
Note count: 191 ( Show all due before today+7 in my case all before today and 2 notes with due 3/6/21 , 5/6/21)
<!-- note-overview-plugin
search: due:20210603 -due:20210610 iscompleted:0
fields: todo_due, title
sort: todo_due ASC
Note count: 1

The result of these other search must be the same as the first one but only with this i obtain the correct values 05/06/2021

If i try to do with created i obtain a valid view

<!-- note-overview-plugin
search: created:day-7
fields: title, created_time
sort: created DESC
Note count: 15 ( created dates between 27/5/21 till today)

3rd: If we have 2 search with the same code one with alarm with the same criteria as the search and other without it the results are diferent ( the search with alarm don´t include itself in the view )

Finally Can i sugest that the search as code ( I have same notes with diferent search as documentation) don´t be execute by the plugin (those who are inside ```). I tell you becouse i obtain a nasty screen every day i open joplin and when the refresh happens ( default value in my case 5 minutes ). At this moment i delete de code in my documentation notes to resolve the issue.

Tkx in advance.


The dateformat is only for displaying
due:day+7 = Gets all todos with due_date bigger today + 7 days
If you want all todos for the next 7 days: -due:day+7 due:day-0

due, updated or created means bigger equal
-due, -updated or -created means lesser than
created:202001 -created:202003 will return notes created on or after January and before March 2020.

The note with the query is exluded in the table

You have a note with the following contend?

<!-- note-overview-plugin

Thanks for your answer Jack. I´d an unknowled about due: day-7 an now it´s clear the use for me.
About the issue with the code note yes i´d one. There was a best plugin to install in joplin and how to use it with example ( I ´ve it to add it in a basic documentation inside joplin if i install a pc for a friend and add joplin in the basic portableapps 7z. But I change the code with an image so you can forget it ).
Tkx again

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Ok, then it's fine if everything works :slight_smile:
For the problem, will show if I find a good fix. But it is not high priority.

This plugin has turned Joplin into my dream note taking app. Thanks.

I have a request/idea, right now the plugin returns a table would be possible/easy to just return normal text instead of a table?

I would like to compile 3 notes into a single note… sort of a combine notes (which can of course be achieved by combined notes plugin) but dynamically (which can be achieved by your plugin)

hm ... if I do a complete reimplementation. Then I could possibly include this as an advanced feature.
But I am not sure if I will do this

Hi @JackGruber

I see the prospect of using note/task sharing more and more in a professional context. So I'm thinking that it might be interesting to be able to search/filter shared notes in "note overview" to find them more easily.
As far as I know, this is not possible with the current filters... but what do you think?

Hm do you mean shared notes from the Joplin server?

Oh yes sorry I mean the notes shared with the Joplin cloud !

Do you mean to search notes in Joplin, which were shared?
When yes, this should be implemented in Joplin, simply make a features request.

Yes, in fact, I think it could be useful to be able to search among the shared notes... that would then allow to integrate them into "note overview". (@laurent)

Is it possible to choose whether the column titles appear in the output?

Do you mean centered, left or right aligned or the or the column position?
For the column position, the position in the fields key reflect the column position in the table.

I was wondering if it was possible to hide them completely. I often use the plugin to generate a table with only titles, so if I removed the column header "title" it would just be a list of notes. This is not a very big issue at all, just wasn't sure if it was already possible. :slight_smile:


No not possible, but you can use an HTML space, but a empty table header will remain.

<!-- note-overview-plugin
search: -tag:*
fields: title
alias: title  AS &nbsp;



Hi @JackGruber I updated the plugin and the Joplin version to Joplin 2.0.11 on Windows 10.


I haven't made any changes to the code and it used to work perfectly fine before the update:

<!-- note-overview-plugin
search: tag: meeting 
fields: created_time, title, notebook, size
alias: created_time AS Meeting Date, title AS Title, notebook AS Notebook, size AS File Size
sort: created_time DESC

Here's the error that I've been getting since then and it keeps popping up every couple of minutes

I would be really grateful if you could help or point me in the right direction.


Error: Nested mappings are not allowed in compact mappings

Remove the space betwen tag: and meeting or enclose the search query in "

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Thanks so much, this fixed the problem!

Note overview is by far my favorite of all plugins. I do have 3+1 requests to consider for future updates, but I have no idea if they are easy to implement or not, so forgive me in case I'm asking for too much, if useful enough to others too at all in the first place:

  1. Note count override: Add the option to include a count attribute in the notes themself to be able to override the default 'show note count' plugin setting. This would enable you to show the counter in specific notes only or to (re)move the count instead if the default is not set to off. For example count:1 to show the counter above and count:2 for below, whereas count:0 would remove the counter for that note if the default was set to above or below.
  2. Choose your own 'Note count:'-text to display before the number of notes found: I prefer the word (cross)references over the word note, so I can for example choose to have the line 'X-refs found: 5' displayed instead of 'Note count: 5'. If this is possible, should this be a free-text line as a general setting applied to all notes or could we have per-note costumization by means of a dedicated attribute within the note, similar to the count override request (i.e. text:"Subtotal: " whereas 'X-refs found: ' would be shown if no text attribute is added)?
  3. Choose between table or list view if the title is the only field being displayed (generate a list instead of a one-column table): Especially in notes where multiple note overviews are being shown sometimes a list would be preferable over a 'one-column'-table as it takes up less space and it increases its visibility as the note in its whole becomes more pleasing to the eye. If this is doable, please consider the ability to choose between a horizontal and vertical list (i.e. via in-note attributes once again?), either with or without seperators: As a Joplin icon is displayed before each note title anyway the typical dash or dot before each item of a vertical list becomes obsolete: each note displayed on its own line with the icon functioning as the dash/dot is my prefered choice of displaying a list of notes vertically. But if you can choose to generate the 'single-column'-note overview as a horizontal list it would be nice to be able to choose a seperator as well, if desired at all.. (i.e. | or · or / so the generated list would become note1 | note2 | note3 or note1 · note2 · note3 or note1 / note2 / note 3 etc.).
  4. Embed in details tags: This might be out of the scope of this plugin, but I like to mention it anyway. Quite often I choose to embed a note overview in details tags to be able to quickly 'close' or fold the table into a single line. I even add a close attribute in case of large tables (stating the before mentioned 'cross-references' in summary tags) so the table is initially hidden, but with a quick tap or click on cross-references there are revealed. This greatly reduces the scrolling size of the notes (handy when reading on mobile!) and it would be nice if this could be added to the plug-in as an optional function for those interested.

These features would, in my humble opinion, make this awesome plugin even better than it already is. Hopefully you agree and think its feasible! :slight_smile: