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Noob here, question about moving around an image to place it

[Desktop version]Hi guys, hope I can make this question clear. After pasting an image, I'd like to move it to a different place on the page, and I try to do that by holding the left click button on the mouse over the image and then moving the mouse to the position I'd like the image to be and releasing the left click button. That does not work, and it is (at least for me) the intuitive way of doing it. I'm doing that on the rich text editor. So, how am I supposed to do it on the rich text editor? I found as a workaround that since the image will be pasted where the caret is, I can move the caret using space and enter, but that is incredibly inconvenient.

I'm just a user myself, but I always work in the dual pane Markdown view. On the left side I see the raw Markdown, and on the right side I see the rich text with images, etc. Using this I can move an image in the raw Markdown. It's just a cut/paste to move it and it's just a line of text with the image name surrounded by square brackets, like the line below. I know it's not pretty, but by moving that line around, I can move the image/PDF that it refers to.

Thanks! And how am I supposed to move it horizontally? I'm not used to this, and I'm shocked about how something that was supposed to be easy can be so complicated. Guess this is not what I'm looking for.

To move it horizontally, add text before the image tag or after depending on where you want it. As far as making it centered or right justified, I don't know of a way to do that.

Thanks for your reply! I'll just use something else, don't know why it is implemented that way, but on cherrytree it is the same, and I think it is such a basic functionality to have....

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