Newbie Here, How to Learn?

Hello Everyone!

I’m new to this markdown opensource language thingy and I don’t have a degree or any kind of certificate with regards to computer language and these tech code stuff. If any of you are an expert with markdown language and typing codes, I want to learn from you guys. Where do I start? Any resources that you can share? Can I take an online course about coding about knowing opensource stuff? I do remember when I was in grade school that we did like HTML coding like <a_href> codes lol, we also made a software but that was a long time ago!

I want to master Joplin since I found this software I fell in love with it. I use it everyday because it is so versatile. You can attach pictures, links tons of stuff that I still don’t know! It’s amazing. I feel free from Google apps and closed-source software that limits your borders and spy on your data. I need a mentor and probably one of you can share your knowledge and skills!

Thank you so much!


When you say you want to Master Joplin do you mean as a user or as a developer?
As a user the only thing you need to understand is Markdown. For that you can have a look at Markdown guides
As a developer it is a bit more involved. The first thing you need to be comfortable is regular programming. Joplin uses Javascript but imho that is not the best language to start with. There are many free courses on programming but I think there is one on edX called CS50 Introduction to Computer Science with Python (or something like that) and I have heard from friends who have taken it that it is pretty good. Subsequently you can try learning JavaScript and other js libraries used in Joplin such as React, Redux, Electron etc. and then maybe look at Joplin’s code and try to understand how it works.
Bon voyage!

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A good starting point is the Joplin Markdown guide.

  • Switch on all the plugins (probably apart from Soft Breaks) using Tools > Options > Plugins
  • Open a new note for testing
  • Add a chunk of plain text to the note (You can use a “Lorem Ipsum Generator” to generate a bit of “testing text” if you want)
  • Using the Markdown editor pane (not the WYSIWYG pane) apply the Markdown tags, as shown in the guide, to the text.
  • View the result in the viewer pane.

It does not take that long to learn and soon the Markdown tags you use most will become almost automatic and you will refer to the guide less and less.

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Hi Red,

Actually I want to be both a user and a programmer. I want to understand how a software and application work, especially with open-source services.