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Moving the forum to a different provider?

I suppose @laurent was talking about not being able to migrate the discourse contents from to github discussions.


Yes if we move to self hosted Discourse hopefully we can also migrate all content and accounts. We can also keep the same domain since I owe it.


Reddit posts are archived (locked to new comments) after 6 months and there is no option for mods to change that.

My opinion is that different kinds of conversations are served best by different fora:

  • Questions and answers for users should go on Stack Overflow (which just got sold; fingers crossed they don't screw it up).
  • High quality feature requests, bug reports, and design and implementation discussions should go in GitHub issues.
  • Announcements, polls, opinions, and everything else in community management can be served by Discourse, Reddit, or GitHub discussions.
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I personally don't fully agree with this. . .

I don't agree with this at all.

As far as I am concerned, the fewer accounts needed the better. You can't keep batting people to a different forum because they happen to have raised a point in the "wrong place". Look how well that worked with trying to get people not to post feature requests as GitHub issues. :slight_smile:

Personally I feel that keeping Discourse (self-hosted or otherwise) would be better as there is an awful lot of information contained here.

Otherwise consolidating everything under GitHub sounds interesting.

"One login to bring them all and in the darkness bind them"


Yes although it's a bit off topic I think the ideal workflow would be to have one forum only and make the GitHub issues readonly. Then there would be some easy way for moderators to transfer bug reports from here to GitHub.

I'm saying this because somehow the high quality bug reports are often on the forum, while people post random stuff on the GitHub bug tracker (probably 90% is non-actionable). So with readonly issues and easily transferable Discourse bug reports we'd have the best of both worlds.


You can check Mailspring. They recently moved all their issues, feature requests etc. to Discourse: Mailspring Community Transition - Information - Mailspring Community


I agree the fewer accounts needed the better, but I don't prioritize that over making it easy to find the signal in the noise. Discourse has a bunch of noise. It's mostly noise.

GitHub has nearly everything in one place anyway (issues and discussions). It's only missing a Q&A portion, where comments are sorted by voting not chronologically (a feature that Discourse is completely missing).

Isn't Stack Overflow only for developers? Maybe Stack Exchange would be a better fit.

Just found this today on reddit: an open source Discourse alternative https://www.talkyard.io/


One nice thing about github discussions is that you can convert from issue with 1 click. It helps keeping the issue tracker clean.


Is something like diaspora an option? Haven't tried it, but it looks interesting..

+1 for Hetzner -- it's an amazing webhost and traffic probably wouldn't even be an issue there. A Hetzner cloud instance with one of their volumes would be great -- has support for Infrastructure-as-code (via terraform, pulumi), so write that once and you're good (you can make it open source if you want and others could help, since all the credential stuff is private obviously).

$300/month is a BEEFY instance that you will mostly waste -- a smaller instance that you can possibly scale horizontally (if you really need it, 99% of the time you won't, just add more bandwidth as you need extra).

Should be mostly set & forget though initial setup might take some time, it's even faster if you use discourse's official docker image -- then the steps are:

  • provision a cloud instance w/ a nice big volume
  • do basic hardening (ufw, fail2ban)
  • install docker
  • install caddy (could be a docker container)
  • point caddy at docker container running discourse (caddy will handle your HTTPS cert retrieval)
  • take backups and send them to a Hetzner storagebox w/ a cron job
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For another project i now trying Zulip... It’s quite interresting.

Just my 2 cents:

  • I think Reddit (and similar platforms) are horrible for general forums like this one. Due to the way it works, it invites a different type of discussion.
  • I haven't tried the GitHub discussion thingy yet, but in my mind, GitHub is for the technical bits, not a place for "normal" people to have a general discussion
  • I like Discourse whenever I run into a project using it. I wasn't aware of the hosted version and its limit, but luckily you can at least self-host it!

Personally, I'm more partial to keeping things under your own control, but that's just me, and I don't have to provide a stable forum for such a large group of people. :wink:


Perhaps this might be enough for a start : Serveur dédié Dedibox Start | Scaleway


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I really hope we don't end up on Reddit. Over the years, they are pushing way too hard to force their apps and accounts on you. Seriously, have you tried just browsing the thing? Especially via a mobile browser?
Endless popups, app prompts, content loaded a few posts at a time... sometimes, they just cut you off after a certain point on mobile and tell you to use the app.

This, and any other walled-garden services, are the worst-case scenario imo.

Discord is not much better, and it just sucks as a knowledge base. Searching for answers in the past on there is just bad.

On the other hand, there's a lot to love about this forum: not only is it open enough (with the export) and works as a knowledge base (search! topics!), I think over the years we got ourselves a nice, friendly community. It's not just hyper-nerd techies; but "normal" folks, too! :smiley: I'm not saying this can't be maintained on other platforms, but I'd really hate to risk losing this community.

I can, like, increase my monthly donation by a dollar if it helps. :joy:


:+1: Well said!


This is something I was meaning to mention as well, and I don't think it's off topic. Discourse was designed to create healthy communities. When I look at other software communities, I find this one here to be the most friendly and the most helpful. Not 100% because of Discourse, of course. Lots of credit goes to the leaders and active members.