Markdown export with resources' link to cloud URL


I want to have a feature to export a markdown, and replace all resources' link in note to a link that's accessible globally on the internet. Im implementing this in Obsidian with Gitlab, just for example:

This link here

I call this feature "live content", after copy, it copy all the file content, but anything inside ![[...]] is replaced

and changed to this link
and the link above is accessible from anywhere on the internet. (I pasted to Stackedit)

This way we can just copy our whole file and paste it in any markdown renderer (independent of Joplin) and it will include our resources.

Cloud Provider

The example above i use gitlab, with gitlab we just append the string https://....raw/master.... + filename, we get internet link.
I wonder if we can do that with OneDrive, DropBox,... if possible it gonna be very useful


I'm participating GSoC 2024, while writing proposal in Joplin, whenever I copy the proposal and put it on forum for review. I have to upload every single images. So, with this feature, I can just copy once, and no need to upload resource manually.

Hi @khuongduy354

I can't quite grasp your sentences. Are you hoping to find a way to integrate something as you did with Obsidian and Github, that currently, at least with Joplin and Google Drive and OneDrive, isn't possible, or is it just wishful thinking?"

Im trying to say whether it possible with Joplin + current supported cloud providers ( onedrive, dropbox). Yeah, it wishful thinking