Looking for a security policy statement that mentions HIPAA

Can someone direct me towards a security statement on how data in Joplin is encrpypted, where it is stored, and if it is HIPAA (and/or other standards) compliant?

I keep reading that Joplin is "HIPAA Compliant" but can't find a statement to that affect anywhere on the site.

Thank you

I think we'd need to have some kind of audit to be compliant? In that case, we are not HIPAA Compliant as we haven't applied for anything like this yet

Hmm, that is very strange because I saw a few articles stating that it's "HIPAA Compliant", and a much more secure platform that Evernote. Anyway, maybe those reviews were inaccurate. I'll have to keeping looking, I guess.


I don't know about any of this, sorry. I can't comment on what's on the internet, and it's not me who's making these claims.

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