Kanban Plugin Weekly Report

Ok, will test how that works with 4 spaces. ---> it works but like you said doesn't do anything.
I don't know for other users but for me the use of the 'backlog' tag would be more 'unified' and clear.
Can i create a 4th 'Archive' column?

Do you mean that you'd like all your backlog tasks to have a backlog tag? In that case, you can remove the backlog: true rule and your backlog column will behave just like all other columns: it will only contain notes that already have a backlog tag.

Note that in this case notes which don't fit into any column (i.e. they don't have neither a backlog, wip, done etc tag) will not be displayed on the board. You will have to manually add one of the tags for the note to show up.

Of course! There's no limit on the number of columns. Feel free tweak the config as you like.

Top, so all i want to test now will work. :wink:

Are the use of colors a feature that would be possible?

Where do you imagine colors on the UI? I had a mockup where the columns had colors, were you thinking of something like this?


There was a poll a while ago when the majority voted against this specific design, but I guess adding colors somewhere can still be discussed.

I had another idea too with colors: they could be used to mark different categories on the board, something like this:

Currently, no. I'm not entirely familiar with how userstyle.css works in joplin, but I'm pretty sure it would have to be a separate file for the kanban board.

This is definitely planned, coming soon (I hope)

A different kind of gray, for example, per column would be more clear, but my idea is different categories = different colors like in https://kanboard.org/

When you implement in your plugin code a 'kanban' ID then it would not be possible to 'call' it in the userstyle.css?
Ok, nice for the 'double click' if it's possible. :wink:

So you mean like this right?

I think that's a good idea too. Here each category would be a tag, unrelated to column tags. The config could look something like

    gsoc21: blue
    study: green
    bucketlist: orange

Yes, if you have the time, that would be awesome!
Most kanbanboard systems use colors in that way.
And like you put it, the use of other tags would replace the use of categories.
First tag is the column, next one the color, category.

In which programming languages you write this plugin, maybe i could help?
... don't find your code at your Github pages?

The plugin is written in TypeScript.

The repo is under the official joplin org. Here's the link

(Sorry I posted a half complete post by accident)

Week 6-8

Plugin released! :partying_face:

I've just released the plugin on npm, it is now available for installing! In my testing the plugin proved to be quite stable and with most of the major features done, I wanted the plugin to be as accessible as possible for people wanting to test it.

Please note, that this is not a final release! There are still bugs and missing features. The main purpose of this release is to test the plugin as much as possible.


I apologize for the infrequent updates lately, there have been some issues, but I did make a fair amount of progress. This release includes:

  • Config UI!
    Now you can click on the gear icon to edit the board level filters, or double click the column names to edit their individual rules through a nice dialog. The UI just updates the yaml config so you can still use that, as it's still the primary source of truth.
  • Error and warning messages
    A brand new system for displaying error messages from the config. It shows a descriptive message if there's something very wrong with your config, but it will be expanded to do more in-depth validation and also show warning about potential mistakes.
  • Bug fixes. Thanks to @uxamanda for her testing!

Here's a short screencast demonstrating the new improvements:
Peek 2021-07-30 13-26

Planned for the final release

These are the features I consider required for the final release, let me know if I missed anything or you think something should be added.

  • Adding new/removing columns through the UI
  • Clicking on a note on the board to open it in the editor
  • Migration
    Apply config changes while trying to keep the board looking the same. For example, you could rename a tag in the config and have it changed on all notes automatically. This would be optional, of course, and have a confirmation dialog before it gets applied.
  • Rule value validation
  • Improve the cards' UI
    Display their tags and so on, like in the mockup
  • "Enforce" backlog rules (not sure about the name)
    Automatically apply rules to notes that would end up in the backlog. For example, you could add a notebookPath: Inbox rule to your backlog column and then all notes which don't fit into other columns would be put into the Inbox notebook.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and support!


Thank you for all the work on this plugin it really is great addition to the Joplin plugin ecosystem. :smiley: :star_struck:
I noticed that if I move note to the column with tag setting, kanaban note stays open but if I move it to the column with notebookPath setting then the view is switched (moved note is opened instead of kanaban note) to the moved note. Could it be set so that even if notebookPath setting is used the view does not switch?

Sorry if you mentioned it somewhere and I didn't find.

What is the logic with Done column in case I have too many done notes? In Jira I can refresh Done column by creating a release.

Main question is over.

Additional question (might not be interesting for all users and be too specific for my usecase):

Another question in relation to my workflow. Can I use this plugin somehow to work with my notebooks? I have now 10 notebooks:
0.Inbox, 1.Check, 2.Todo, 3.Days, 4.Weeks, 5.Months, 6.Years, 7.Sometime, 8.Archive, 9.Refuse

Is it possible to have in a Backlog column notes from several notebooks (3.Days, 4.Weeks, 5.Months, 6.Years, 7.Sometime) starting from Days and finishing with Sometime? Is it possiblle to add some lines in Backlog to separate notes from different notebooks?

Is it possible when note moved to Done column move it to 8.Archive notebook and do not check todo as done, but change type from todo to note? I do that as it is difficult to read crossed gray titles.

Is it possible to check and uncheck todo notes in Todo column, so it moves checked todo notes under unchecked todo notes (as it behaves in Joplin notes panel)? It is a very convenient for me as I have around 10 tasks in 2.Todo notebook which I do longer than 1 day and it is convenient to "close" prolonging task by checking it as done if you have done everything for today. Next morning I just uncheck it again. It helps me to have todo list and cross it over each day, so I am not distracted by tasks where I have done everything for this day.

If this questions distract you from your main developing path, just say it. I am using my "notebook system" as a Kanban board for several projects (without actual board, for me each notebook is a column in a board in my mind), so I can continue to do this. And something tells me that I am the only one, who has this system.

Hi @tnwn, @mablin7 and all,
I face a kind of similar issue. Backlog tend to grow, so normally you cluster this by some metric and prioritize. One Backlog column is difficult to visually cluster. This leads to two requests:
a) can we have multiple Backlog columns ? (In my case I have a Backlog Notebook and cluster by subnotebooks
b) can we sort (actually any column) independent from the joplin sort criteria (personally I'd love to see sorting by notebook and not by instance in joplin but this would be an other request)

Hm that sounds like a bug, I'll look into it. Thanks for the report!

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I haven't thought of that yet. Perhaps a setting could be added to move notes that have been done for longer than some period of time to a hidden archive column?

If notes from these notebooks don't fit into any column you defined, they will al show up in the backlog column.

Maybe that could be added. How do you imagine it exactly?

It could be possible, if other users need it too.

I'm not sure about this. It sounds like it could be confusing for most users, to be able to check notes within a column. But maybe we could come up with some sort of integration with the repeating todos plugin for your use case?

Thanks for the feedback!

Currently, that's not possible. The way backlog columns work, is that they include all the notes which don't fit into any other column. In this implementation having multiple backlog columns wouldn't make sense.

However, if you have already organized your backlog notes to a separate notebook, there's no reason why couldn't you create regular (without backlog: true) columns for your categories.

For example, if you have a structure like so

├─ Backlog/
│  ├─ Project-1/
│  ├─ Project-2/

You could create a column for each project:

    name: Project 1 - Backlog 
    notebookPath: Backlog/Project-1
    name: Project 2 - Backlog 
    notebookPath: Backlog/Project-2

Yes, I was thinking about some way of sorting inside columns too, but I'm not yet sure how it will be implemented. But I could certainly add an option to sort by date, for example.

I will answer only on this qestion as I am not sure that my other "reqests" would be useful for all users.

In a case of clogging Done column it is useful to have a button to move notes from the desk. In Jira it calls "release", but in case we want a board not only for software we can call it "clean the board". It is better because I can have 100 notes in Done in a month, you in a week, someone in a year... So a button is better. Personally, I prefer the name "release" even for no-software tasks as it is simplier to understand the logic of the button.

  1. User presses the button "release"
  2. Plugin gives the message:
    All notes from the Done column will be moved to archive. Contiue?
    [unchecked checkbox] Move notes from other columns to Backlog
    [button Continue][button Cancel]
  3. User checks or not the checkbox and presses the button
  4. If Continue: Plugin refresh tags or notebooks in Done column by some logic (the exact logic is up to you - how it is better to move notes from a board and do not create for user unnecessary tags/notebooks).
  5. If checkbox is checked: Move all cards from other columns exept Done to Backlog.

P.S. In this logic it would be useful to have a setting in a plugin "create a release note on releases". If checked a note with a Title: "Name of a board + current date stamp" + "'Release' word" and a Note: "list of all done notes with internal links to them" should be created in the same notebook where we move notes, when remove them from Done column.

One way you could achieve this without any changes to the plugin is to configure the board like this

    name: Done
    tag: release-1

Then, whenever you want to archive notes from release 1, you just change the borard to

    name: Done
    tag: release-2

This way all archived notes will retain the tag, it's just that they will no longer be on the board.

Yes, that's actually a really neat solution!