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Kanban plugin UI design

I've come up with two major directions the board design could take and I though I'd let the community decide which one is preferred.

Option 1.

This is the same as the one that was showcased in the original proposal, I just redid the mockup slightly more professionally:

Option 2.

I think the first looks nice, but I felt that it doesn't really fit Joplin, so I've also come up with a cleaner design:

An additional advantage of the latter, is that because colors are not used for columns, they could, at some point in the future, be used for cards (notes), for example, by assigning colors to specific tags:

Please let me know what you think in the poll, and also if there's anything specific you like/don't like write it in the comments.

  • Option 1.
  • Option 2.

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This looks great, can't wait to try it!

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this looks very good. I do agree with your comments on options 2 using colours on notes.

I do feel the three icons used clash a with the overall cleanliness. that only me nitpicking though

Thanks to all for the feedback! Then I'll be going ahead with the second, clean version.

You mean the emojis? Those would be just part of the column title if you decide to put them there, nothing built in.


how can I vote, or was there a time limit ?

Maybe its possible to let the user choose what design he prefers, like
dark & normal mode in many UI (browser, mail client,...) ?

Thanks for Your great job,

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Hey! Sorry, I closed the vote, because the clean design won by a large margin and I wanted to move forward with the development. But I'd still love to hear your thoughts!

I think implementing two separate styles is a bit too much for this summer, but perhaps afterwards, if there's a demand.