Joplin Web - Web application companion for Joplin

I am planning to use the web companion on a raspberry pi already for a long time but didn't find time yet. But I will definetely try to install it in the future. Your work is much appreciated :+1:t2:

Oh, yes. That’s true. However, there’s a way to get the number how often a repo has been cloned. It’s available via the UI, so the API should have that info as well.
But yes, sometimes it’s hard to get an understanding how many people are using your code…

Thanks for clarifying.
I prefer people to take ownership of the project if they are interested. Counting them won’t change anything. ^^

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks a lot for your willingness and kindness.

Yep, I imagined...

Yes, almost nothing of JavaScript but a complete understanding of HTML and CSS

Yes, I installed Nextcloud and (with a lot of struggle) Jitsi Meet

This is kinda harder. No idea what this means

You’re very kind, if you’re willing to do it, I’ll manage for everyday use, somehow.

I don’t know python and I’m angry because I know I should learn it.

Anyways, thanks a lot for your help and feel free to get in touch through DM for further discussions.


In fact, since the beginning, I could see that the project will be a problem for many of you.
The only people being able to use it, are the "lazy" admin using docker ^^ and the courageous admin with python knowledge.

Because a minimum skill in python or docker (so in system admin) is required, it's a too big step to make for people who just want/expect to copy a program on their computor and run it without being worried of anything, like you do with the AppImage Joplin :wink:

So I am shared between:
Make the project a purely python app (and too bad for javascript, VueJS is cool but as I don't have the same level as in python, I have too much trouble moving forward)
Do nothing more, because since I am not using the application on a dedicated server myself, I therefore have no use for it.

because of that i am looking into kivy to do another multiplatform project, but it's another story;)


A little earthquake is coming :slight_smile:
Today the project is made with VueJS and Python.
Tomorrow, it will be fully written in Python (with the lovely Django)
I'm tired to receive mail from github telling me "vulnerability in fooobar.js ; upgrade it"
Thus, I will feel more confident and less tightrope walker with my code :slight_smile:
If that do not suit you, I invite you to fork it as soon as possible :wink:
Have a nice day


Oooh, nice. I have a little Django competency, I'd love to help. Will "watching" the repo.

Is there a chance that this project would eventually evolve into a completely browser based solution, i.e. a way to access my Joplin server files from anywhere in the world (without further installation) with just a browser ?
I've been using safenotes (for Android) for a long time, and it does what Joplin does (in many ways) plus the feature mentioned above. Or do I misunderstand what joplin-web is all about ?

Is there a screenshot somewhere of what this web app is meant to look like I've just managed to get it installed but its not rendering very nicely?
I installed from Annyong / joplin-web · GitLab
Is this how it's meant to look? Folder and tag links don't work. Messages don't load in the preview.
Any idea what I may be doing wrong?

@cydnax I checked the repository. the maintainer said that the code is being rewritten. I think you should wait for a while until the bugs have been eliminated.

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After cloning, Make a try by checkouting "vuejs" branch and see the of that branch.

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FWIW, this project seem to have been archived by its author. :frowning:

Hello there !
Is this project discontinued ? It was so promising. But I can't find the package on Docker repo :frowning:

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consider trying this: Joplin-vieweb: a simple web viewer for Joplin notes

It's not as practical and useful than the alternative presented in this thread... Is there a way to contact the author ?

unfortunatly I gave up the project.
For the guy who want to maintain it, the used API should be used and adapted for joplin-web. I saw a new python lib for that, maybe it could be used for joplin-web.

That's all I can say.


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as i'm not able to edit the title of that thread anymore, I put details about how one could try to use the project... in my profile page (in "about me")

I post it here too for the last time :wink:

Regarding joplin-web, the project is discontinued

But you can still fork it from that branch

You will have to use this nice api and adjust the python API call to be able to make the project running



I'll update the first post with this info.

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Thanks for that initiative. It allows me to start my project (idea, reuse: your joplin data api).
You contributed to make joplin move!

Let me advertise for joplin-vieweb: here in the forum.

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I gave a try to migrate the API of the master branch to joppy: GitHub - marph91/joplin-web at migrate-to-joppy. It seems to work so far. Migrating the vuejs branch shouldn't be too difficult, if someone is interested.

Edit: Actually the vuejs branch requires an async API wrapper. So joppy might be not suited.

However, I think it's a better option to use the mentioned project above, since it's actively maintained.