Joplin server on shared host?

Hello all,
Does it work the same as dropbox/onedrive but on a webserver (apache)?
Does it work on shared hosts?
Perhaps I don't understand what Joplin Server is.
Can anyone explain briefly what JS does?

Yes, it is rather like dropbox, onedrive etc. for syncing devices. Like them, it will sync your devices.

However, it will have a few advantages over those services.

  1. It won't be those services
  2. It will be designed specifically for Joplin and thus, be smarter and faster with the syncing.
  3. There will be features available, like exporting notes to a html with link for sharing and for the pro version (or whatever it is called), even sharing notes with other Joplin users for collaboration.
  4. Offers a reward for contributing to the project. Instead of simply donating $20, we can pay $20 and get better syncing and some extra services.

Thanks Steve,
But I have not undestood how to install it on a shared host (php7 + mysql).
Is there a tutorial for this?
Thanks again.

official "tutorial" (light but it was enough for me) here :
A more comprehensive one is here but not supported and initially for raspberry so you would have to adjust some things to your context : Guide for Joplin-Server on Raspberry Pi.
I'm not sure you can install it on a shared host because you need docker and/or npm/xxxxxx. You should instead use a dedicated server online for example.

At long last I've set the WebDav protocol on my home NAS and now I have all notes synced everywhere.
Ciao :wink: