Joplin running on Raspberry Pi but claiming errors

I've followed Joplin on Raspberry Pi / Raspbian | by Matt Hambleton | Medium to install Joplin on a Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspian. I've installed 1.2.6.

I've worked through the instructions as far as getting the desktop version installed and running wiht the debug window. I can successfully create a note.

But the following errors are showing. Do I need to be concerned about these (I can read what they say but don't know if they mean anything serious is wrong).

main-html.js:49 Environment: dev
main-html.js:49 appId: net.cozic.joplindev-desktop
main-html.js:49 appType: desktop
main-html.js:45 Electron Security Warning (Insecure Content-Security-Policy) This renderer process has either no Content Security
    Policy set or a policy with "unsafe-eval" enabled. This exposes users of
    this app to unnecessary security risks.

For more information and help, consult
This warning will not show up
once the app is packaged.
output.warn @ main-html.js:45
(anonymous) @ security-warnings.ts:179
Promise.then (async)
warnAboutInsecureCSP @ security-warnings.ts:172
logSecurityWarnings @ security-warnings.ts:295
loadHandler @ security-warnings.ts:312
async function (async)
loadHandler @ security-warnings.ts:311
main-html.js:45 12:49:44 Could not upgrade to database v34 - fuzzy search will not be used Error: Error: SQLITE_ERROR: no such module: spellfix1: CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE notes_spellfix USING spellfix1
    at DatabaseDriverNode.sqliteErrorToJsError (/home/pi/.joplin-src/joplin-1.2.6/ElectronClient/lib/database-driver-node.js:21)
    at JoplinDatabase.sqliteErrorToJsError (/home/pi/.joplin-src/joplin-1.2.6/ElectronClient/lib/database.js:24)
    at JoplinDatabase.tryCall (/home/pi/.joplin-src/joplin-1.2.6/ElectronClient/lib/database.js:112)
output.warn @ main-html.js:45
log @ /home/pi/.joplin-src/joplin-1.2.6/ElectronClient/lib/logger.js:126
warn @ /home/pi/.joplin-src/joplin-1.2.6/ElectronClient/lib/logger.js:163
upgradeDatabase @ /home/pi/.joplin-src/joplin-1.2.6/ElectronClient/lib/joplin-database.js:869
async function (async)
upgradeDatabase @ /home/pi/.joplin-src/joplin-1.2.6/ElectronClient/lib/joplin-database.js:858
initialize @ /home/pi/.joplin-src/joplin-1.2.6/ElectronClient/lib/joplin-database.js:946
async function (async)
initialize @ /home/pi/.joplin-src/joplin-1.2.6/ElectronClient/lib/joplin-database.js:924
open @ /home/pi/.joplin-src/joplin-1.2.6/ElectronClient/lib/joplin-database.js:137
async function (async)
open @ /home/pi/.joplin-src/joplin-1.2.6/ElectronClient/lib/joplin-database.js:136
start @ /home/pi/.joplin-src/joplin-1.2.6/ElectronClient/lib/BaseApplication.js:717
async function (async)
start @ /home/pi/.joplin-src/joplin-1.2.6/ElectronClient/lib/BaseApplication.js:664
main-html.js:49 CommandService::execute: search {query: ""}

Please use code blocks for terminal output.

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