Joplin cloud publishing TOC in left

Joplin is awesome, but one weakness is publishing note.

Although publishing note is supported in Joplin Cloud plan, but there's one limitation, not supporting TOC in left field.

Markdown document can be used in a wide variety of long document, where Table of contents or outline is very important.

Here I share you the same markdown conversion links in Stackedit, Hackmd, and Joplin
I'd pleased Joplin publishing automatically support TOC in left filed of publishing web page as shown in Stackedit or Stackedit

Stackedit :

Hackmd :

Joplin : 너무나도 중요한 소식 - Joplin Cloud

Another suggestion : Removing Joplin banner image in published web page..
Too large and distracting. It would be better to move the banner to left lower part of web page in small image or text, 'Joplin cloud'

I like the idea however not everyone might want the TOC, I wonder if the published note could read the [[TOC]] tag like the rendered output and use that? (I don't have Cloud or Server atm to know if that is part of existing functionality or not).

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yes, currently the [[toc]] tag works for published notes (rendering the TOC where the tag was inserted).

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Yes, [[TOC]] tag works in published note, but it is shown at the top, not in left side