Joplin and New Design


I've been interested in free software for a long time. I also follow Joplin. I tried using it before but it didn't last very long.

I'm currently using Notion, but I'm considering returning to Joplin. But I can't get used to Joplin's design. Only limited people will use it unless it changes to the new design.

I'm really considering switching to Joplin, but I'm having a hard time switching with no templates and legacy design. Especially the mobile application looks very slow and bad. Are there any work and concept examples to redo the design? When will the estimate be published?

I think that your views on the design are more than a little harsh. It has some elements that can be improved and there are a number of constructive discussions already in flight about it: e.g.

I think your assertion that "only limited people will use it" with the current design is demonstrably wrong.
The mobile application I do agree is one of the weaker aspects currently but it is still very much functional (can't say I'm one for editing detailed markdown notes on a phone, I'll jot stuff down then edit it properly once back on a computer).

There is already a lot you can do in regards to customisation:

Yes there is probably going to be more to come, Joplin has come on a huge amount within the last year alone and is very actively developed with lots of community feedback and engagement.

Feel free to air any specific examples of criticism - thats what things like the forum are for - rather than "can't get used to it" or "looks very slow and bad" which doesn't really help anyone.


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make harsh comments. I just wanted to write this because it has to happen now. because I've been wanting to switch for a long time.

Thank you for the detailed information. I will be following the developments.

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