Item cannot be null eror when importing, and no info logged

Hi I'm using Joplin 2.11.11 on Linux. I converted a bunch of notes from a different application to fit the JEX file format, but when I try to import the JEX file, I get the error "Item cannot be null". It doesn't contain any information about what exactly caused the error. I enabled debugging in the flags file yet no information about the import attempt is logged. The only information that gets logged at all during this operation is

11:27:57: CommandService::execute: hideModalMessage

after I close the error modal.

Also I did a grep through the archive for any explicit "null"s and did not find anything.

Is there some way to get more information about the error?

Can you give an example of your converted notes? It could be that you forgot to set the type_ property

Ah, yeah I did the type_ wrong, thanks!

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