Is there a command line option to only use existing joplin profile (no creation)?

I would like Joplin to not create a new profile, if it does not exist yet. This would be useful for me in combination with the --profile argument.

Does such a flag like --no-create/--only-existing exist?

By the way: I could not find any links to possible CLI arguments, is there any documentation as well?

There’s no official command line arguments so that’s why there’s no doc - any flag you might use is for development only.

But anyway, if you are using the command line to start the app, why not also check with a bash script if the profile exists or not?

Yeah, a custom script is probably the way to go here, just checking the available options :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the info on CLI documentation. I found the --profile option to be handy beyond development for a custom data directory, encryption purposes, or tests with newer Joplin versions. Though I agree, these are probably not the most common use cases.