Is the local database unencrypted?

Operating system


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Joplin 2.13.8 (prod, linux)

ID client : 3351cc8ec0bf45d892c41f9c405f6d46
Version de Synchro : 3
Version du profil : 44
Trousseau supporté : Non

Révision : 604dcbc

Autolinker: 1.0.4
Combine notes: 1.0.1
Email Note: 1.2.2
Freehand Drawing: 1.10.1
Markdown table calculations: 1.0.5
Paste Special: 1.1.2

Sync target



Markdown Editor

What issue do you have?

I'm trying to retrieve Joplin posts through the Recoll system-wide app. After discussing with the Recoll dev and setting it accordingly, I see some new items are added to Tecoll database, but a search on specific Joplin terms doesn't succeed.
Can someone confirm that, although I did set encryption on the sync server, the local database isn't sync'ed?
(I found a post here saying this, but it is quite old so I'm not sure)
Thank you!

I think you mean encrypted.
Yes the local data (Database with notes, tags, revisions, ... and the resource folder) from Joplin is not encrypted locally.

To elaborate on the above, Joplin supports end-to-end encryption and not local or "at-rest" encryption. The point of it is to make sure that no bad actors can get access to your data whilst it is out of your hands and in the possession of hosting providers etc.

If local encryption is your concern - which I do certainly understand in some / many cases - there is an easy fix for the desktop apps. Move the profile folder to an encrypted, local disk - for example created with Veracrypt. Beware to choose the right file system. If you're unsure just ask, and I can elaborate on this.

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