Is it possible to resize images?

Is it possible to resize the images I drag and drop into the editor?

Not natively but there are a few things you can do.
Personally if I need a resized image I just use HTML instead of markdown i.e. rather than


I use:

<img src=":/5d2e97f37b2649b583d1cc03e987c6e7" width="400">

There is also a plugin (or plugins) that can do this such as the Attache plugin where it takes the source image and resizes it for you.

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You can also change the size that images display using the plugin Joplin Enhancement

First, insert your image, and go to the markdown editor which will show, for example:

![My inserted image](:/123456abced78910321)

Now by adding, again for example, {width=50%}, so it looks like this:

![My inserted image](:/123456abced78910321){width=50%}

the image will appear at half the original size (the image remains the same size it's just displayed according to what you've added in the curly braces)

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Using a plugin for resizing images is definitely an amazing and effective solution.