Introducing gautam-bhagat

Hello Joplin Community!!

Myself, Gautam Bhagat, a third year CSE (AI & ML) Student from India. I've always been the first one to reach out for any opportunity; and here I'm not the first but yeah reaching you all for GSoC.

I started my development journey with Native Android using Java. and Hurray!!! I got my first internship in android. During internship there was a requirement for a Backend Developer and my boss was not getting the right candidate. Although, he never asked but I learnt the Django (it was required) and create my first API ; from that day my journey as Full Stack developer started.

I'm now experienced in Backend Developement using Nodejs, Express, Django and Flask. I've developed Web Applications using react (Typescript), Javascript, obviously HTML and CSS.

Currently, I'm learning NextJs and Flutter for more optimized coding of mobile and web app.

I'm a quick learner and obviously a contributor and I look forward to learn new things from Joplin Community

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