Introducing Eddges

Hi! I am Shivam Shekhar, a pre-final year student of Mathematics and Computing from India. I specialise in theoretical JavaScript, Typescript, React, Redux, Node, Express, MongoDB and SQL based databases. I have also had 3 years of freelancing experience in Graphic Design and I love to contribute to the UI/UX designs of the projects I am a part of.

I have wanted to dive a little deeper into WebRTC for an upcoming open-source personal project which will make use of WebSockets. Hence, the 'Real-time collaboration on a note' seems like the perfect idea for me to contribute to. I also feel having a Kanban board plugin or an OCR plugin would be great for the platform, and in turn for the users like me. I would like to be the part of a task having higher difficulty because the scope of learning and problem solving would be greater.

You can find me on GitHub at

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