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How to test the interop service for app-desktop

I am working on issue: #5653 . I found that the InteropService may have the bug which is not covered in the InteropService.test.ts of lib/services/interop/InteropService package .

I want to test the InteropService.ts on my custom input . I don't want to run the test file because it takes time to run . I just want to test the export function . There is no any scripts to test such in the package.json .So anyone here knows how can I just test the export function of InteropService.ts ?

I am sorry if my question looks like dumb . I am not a professional developer .

No problem @rishabh18 we were all new to development at some time. If I were you, I would cheat a little bit and just copy InteropService.test.ts to a new file called InteropExport.tst.ts. You can remove all tests from InteropExport.test.ts that you don't care about (anything that doesn't export). Now you have a speedy test that you can use will fixing this bug.
After fixing the bug (and presumably developing a new test that exposes the bug) you can copy your new test into InteropService.test.ts and delete InteropExport.test.ts.

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ok.. let me try