How to protect the local data that Joplin save in "C:\Users\Username\.config\joplin-desktop"?

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Joplin local data privacy

If you want to protect data locally on your own device, you should basically use full-disk encryption. On Windows, it's usually either BitLocker (built-in but not supported on Windows Home editions) or VeraCrypt (free and open source; has some serious performance issues though). There is also Disk Cryptor which works similarly to BitLocker with no performance penalty, however it's much less popular and hasn't been audited (in contrary to VeraCrypt).

If it's not your own computer, then you could use the portable version of Joplin located on a portable device, e.g. a USB stick, which you would also want to fully encrypt.

Joplin itself doesn't offer any additional protection of local data.

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