How to configure and start joplin server without docker

Hi all,
I am new to joplin,
I am new to nmp and yarn environment.

I try multiples tutorials but do not manage to start the server. they all talk about npm

I can't send a link

I install postgres, node16, I git clone aurent22/joplin.git

git log
commit 864a3a7efe294c21b2d7ce0a55876af89d65f9f7 (HEAD -> dev, origin/dev, origin/HEAD)
Author: Joplin Bot
Date: Sat Jul 23 12:22:35 2022 +0000

i go in joplin repertory and execute yarn install.

Everything work but i do not manage to start the server.

Any help will be welcome.

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Hi all.
Do you need more information?

I think i just have to put a .env file somewhere then satr server wit the magic command !
Thanks for any help

I suppose you need to look at what's in Dockerfile and do similar steps manually.

I start the docker course.
Hope i can get the file easily

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