How to Center Note Title?

Hi, I'm new to Joplin and this forum so I may not be posting this in the right place. Thanks for your understanding.

Is there a way to have the title of the note show up horizontally centered?

I've tried adding both inline and external CSS styling. It seems to work well in general. Cool.

Maybe I'm not using the right selector to address the title? h1 doesn't work.

My version of Joplin:
Joplin 1.0.200 (prod, darwin)

Client ID: ad5510ffcf0b486dbffe443003a5f1a1
Sync Version: 1
Profile Version: 28

Revision: 142976f (master)

The exported title is a <div class='exported-note-title'> You might be able to centre it by using that class selector.

I just realize that I can address this using an initial <style> block within the note itself. That gives me more freedom in deciding or not to add this to my own stylesheet. Cool.

The examples I saw before in this forum didn't address the title, but only the rendered view.

How could I've found that that's the class to address? That is, where can one find all selectors there are for tuning the view & export?

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For almost every element the best method is the element inspector. But in this case, the title is only added on export, so I exported the note to html and took a look there.

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