GSoC 2020 - Introduction

Hi everyone

My name is Adboulie Jallow a final year Bachelor Computer Science student at the University of The Gambia. I am here for an opportunity to grow as a developer.
During my last internship at Gambia National Petroleum Corporation, from July to December 2019, I worked in Laravel with VueJs to create a visitor management app to handle and record all visit at the head office. You can find the code on

I hope I can contribute to Joplin and be part of the GSoC 2020.
I currently diving into Electron trying to build simple desktop UIs.
I followed the given introduction and familiarising myself with Joplin’s codebase. I will try to pick-up a good first issue as soon as possible.

I’ll let you know you now if I have some troubles.


Welcome. Do reach out, if you have any challenges

@Runo-saduwa, thanks much, sure I will