Filter inside notebooks

I would really enjoy if I a filtering "text input" was added in the "empty space in top" - when you're inside a notebook.
I have many notebooks with a LOT of lines.. and current search is really annoying.. especially with multiple hits in many different places.. and often for my shopping list f.ex. - I can't find "the item I want to find" - so I end up making doubles instead of re-using :frowning:

Both situations would IMHO be solved by a simple filtering text field - where it just filters as I type.. so 2-3 letters would be enough to "narrow the lines shown" of the notebook, for me to find it

Are we talking about the search box at the top of the note list here? Does the "Goto anything" search work better for your example as I'm not sure if I'm understanding what is being described here.

Sorry for being unclear.

I was thinking 2 things:

  1. the in notebook search icon - works great - if only the "text field" was just shown instead of search icon (perhaps with the word search in it as many do) - so I can just start typing - not have to click search icon first. The rest actually works as it should in search.

  2. the ability to search in a large note (I have some with 50+ lines) - so same "filter/search" text field should be shown inside a note too IMHO - to filter lines in that.

This one?
By default it isn't focused, no, but you can focus it with F6 rather than a mouse click. You can also rebind this if you need but I'm not sure if an "always focused" mode would be desired.
Although I can absolutely see a case for what is a fairly standard metaphor of typing a few letters to do a quick search on the start characters of a note (and notebook for that matter).

For example if I had notes:


Then hitting B on the note list could place the focus on. If we also had a note in there called Bread then hitting BB or BR would focus Banana first then Bread.

You mean different from the standard Ctrl/Cmd + F type search. Something like an overview of a file as a search result. For example if I use (shameless self promotion) Pulsar's "Find in project" mode it can return the results without showing the note.
e.g. If I search for the string Pulsar within the blog directory (which is just a bunch of Markdown files)

It shows which file (i.e. "Note") the string was found within along with the line where it was found.

Not sure if that is exactly what you mean or not, feel free to tell me if not.

If a feature like that Pulsar mode is needed, the VS Code Style Note Search plugin resembles it except for the line numbers (which would be a welcome addition). You can even pair it up with searches like title:note query to show matches more conveniently than with Ctrl+F.

I have to admit I wasn't aware of that plugin, I'll have to check it out. I guess it is no surprise they look similar as VSCode stole it from was inspired by Atom before it.

it seems you all use joplin on computers and not a phone?
It looks like this for me on my shopping list

and I'm talking about making the search icon - just be a "search/filter text box" - so I can just press it with my finger and start typing to filter

Search should remain an icon for space reasons. Search also covers all notebooks, not just the open one.

You can filter a specific notebook with notebook:title. This shows all notes in a notebook like your screenshot. Although, the longer the title, the longer this takes.

The Search screen navbar has space for buttons. What about an icon to filter the open notebook?

It could append notebook:title to the search. This filters the open notebook without changing how the global navbar works. I don't always need filtering, but when I do, the option would be there.

My main concern is scope creep with how many search filters are available. However, Search navbar elements are fixed in size. There's space for multiple standalone filter icons, or even a menu icon like the global sort icon.

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Aah, right, yeah the vast majority of questions here tend to be around the desktop app rather than mobile so generally you should point out which client (there is even a terminal one) you are using in the post otherwise people will tend to assume you mean the desktop app.

Yes search by notebook is a much needed feature..

And no typing notebook:"NotebookName" is not feasible when NotebookName is very long or complex
At least add a search button to automatically add the notebook: search keyword for current notebook (would be better if it would be invisible in case it is too long).