Feature request : cross-platform sync for userstyle.css file


I discovered Joplin this week by searching for Open Source alternative to OneNote that I use from some years (I try to get off all majors big brothers like Google and Microsoft). I really like this project.

I created yesterday a userstyle.css for custom styles in view pane (more spacing between paragraph, better style for code and pre tags, etc). I would like to have these custom style on other devices like my Android phone.

It could be cool that Joplin sync this file and download it to the other device to apply the custom styles.

Thanks for this projet, hope you will continue to work on it !

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Hello everybody,

It could also be interesting to be able to share these custom styles sheets so anyone can change it's view rendering even without knowing anything in CSS (this is my case :innocent:).
It could be almost like skinning the editor

Totally agree with you ! And it could have some exemples to know what are the class and ID used by Joplin (if you dont know anything in CSS, you probably don’t know that “code” and “pre” are the tags to styling in the css to style all codes inserted in Joplin).

Hi, you can follow the discussion here, it’s mostly about how this feature would look.

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You’re right, indeed I didn’t know these codes

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