Feature request: Add "open profile directory" Help menu item


Would a PR adding a "Open profile directory" to the Help menu be accepted. It would be nice to easily access it?

I have a small PR. It needs some work since it has a new translatable String but before I do anything more I would like to see if it might be accepted


Probably not, because there are already buttons for opening the css files. There's no reason for you to "open" the profile directory.

Hi! My reason is to easily access the log files. Anyway, thanks for the quick answer :+1:

I see. In that case, I'd rather add that to the Preferences -> General section.

e.g. a button next or below the path or make the path clickable.

IMO logs are not accessed that often, so I do not know how useful such a change would be. But let's see what Laurent thinks of it.

If it's a trivial change it might be useful for talking people through something when providing support. Especially OSs where dot-prefixed folders are hidden...

Perhaps something like

There are some quirks, i.e the String 'Notes and settings are stored in: %s' might have to be changed and remove the %s but for now i use an empty string. Otherwise it's a small change

Or make the whole string clickable, that way the localizable string does not have to change. But might look a bit uglier?

Should I go ahead an issue a PR?

Yes making the whole string clickable would be best.

Although we should not underline it. Otherwise it might be hard to read. If not it should get a class name so that we can properly target it with css.