[export import] request exported file adjust maximum length to 255 for filename

Right now, when notes are exported, the maximum limit is 35 for the full filename with .md suffix on Linux.

This maximum limit seems to be insufficient for various situations, e.g., for this feature request:
[datetime] request new time fmt “20.30.15” in the options

According to the wiki Filename:

The maximum lenth for filename is:
Most linux FS: 255
Most Windows FS: 255
Most Mac: 255

According to the wiki Comparison_of_file_systems:

Windows NT does not support full pathnames longer than 32,767 bytes for NTFS. Linux has a pathname limit of 4,096. With apple, max length on pathname is unlimited for HFS but unclear for APFS.

I think these standards could be followed by Joplin for filenames on its export and import features.

Then the maximum length on the parent path of exported note file could be:
Most linux FS: (4096 - 255 - 1)
Most Windows FS: (32767 - 255 - 1)

An extra reminder:

Use Unicode on filenames to avoid some weird problems


To limit interoperability issues, some ideas described by Sun are to:

  • use one Unicode encoding (such as UTF-8)
  • do transparent code conversions on filenames
  • store no normalized filenames
  • check for canonical equivalence among filenames, to avoid two canonically equivalent filenames in the same directory.[2]

Those considerations create a limitation not allowing a switch to a future encoding different from UTF-8.

This request may affect the filenames of the export and import features of Joplin.

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You can export a note with the name (and size) you want. If you export a complet folder, the filename will the its “hash” (its note id)

  1. That’s not what I see when I export a folder as .md files from joplin desktop. The exported names are like these:

dfdf efe.md
fdsf dfsdfs fgf.md
How to delete a tag with no note.md

  1. I don’t think many not-so-geek users prefer to see a lot of hash id as file names for the exported files. They’ll suffer a lot trying to find the right file they need. Savvy guys rarely design things that way.
  1. so things have changed and it’s better like that.
  2. as I am not the author of joplin I won’t reply anything. If it’s sarcasm you should keep it to you.

+1 from me on this feature. Please also fix this filename truncation issue when exporting to PDF. Thanks!